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Organic Hunt & Gather Trail Mix

Organic Hunt & Gather Trail Mix

This scrumptious Certified Organic Activated nut and fruit mix is carefully selected and made in Australia. The finest quality nuts, seeds and fruit are carefully selected; then lightly oven baked with delicious ground cinnamon. Enjoy it warm or cold for breakfast; as a yummy, convenient Organic snack; and in baked goodies or enjoyed with coconut water and plant milk, or yoghurt. Sprinkle some over acai or smoothie bowls for a little crunch. In the winter serve with warm milk or stewed fruit.This Paleo muesli also makes a great snack, either on its own or combined in a trail mix. Use it to top ice cream, chia puddings or fresh fruit salad.


Ingredients: Organic Raw Activated Almonds, Organic Pistachio Kernels, Organic Sunflower Kernels, Organic incaberry, Organic Natural Raisins, Organic Cranberries, Organic 70% Dark Chocolate, Organic Activated Raw Macadamias, Organic Blueberries, Organic Raw Activated Walnuts.

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