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Organic Grateful Heart Baked Muesli

Organic Grateful Heart Baked Muesli

Grateful Heart Baked Muesli is a toasty Agave-baked oat muesli combining delicious cranberries and blueberries with macadamia , coconut and pepitas. Finished with ground cinnamon. This wonderful baked muesli makes a scrumptious breakfast, ‘any-time’ snack, or addition to desserts and home-baked treats.Add Grateful Heart Baked Muesli to smoothie bowls; or serve with your favourite mylk for breakfast – delicious hot or cold. Top with fresh fruit, compote, or in the wintertime add warm stewed fruit. Combined with yoghurt as a quick snack. Use as a base for muesli bars; add a scoop to cookie or muffin mixes; or sprinkle this irresistible baked cereal over ice cream sundaes and chia puddings.


Ingredients: Organic Natural Rolled Oats, OrganicSunflower Kernals, Organic PumpkinSeeds, Maple Buckinis, Activated Raw Macadamias, Organic Pistachio Kernels,Organic Activated Pecans, Golden Raisins , Blueberries, Whole Cranberries , Organic Currents.

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