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Fine Polenta

Fine Polenta

Polenta was a staple of the mighty Roman army, who ate it as a porridge or in hard cakes for quick yet sustaining energy. Even though bread was easily available in Ancient Rome, Italian peasants and Roman legions alike preferred the simplicity and tastiness of their beloved polenta.

Polenta is a wonderfully appetizing reason to try a food that you’ve possibly never eaten. An Italian dish derived from cornmeal that is boiled to a paste, polenta can be served in a variety of ways, ranging from baking to frying. Some serve it up as a savoury side dish, but it certainly can be incorporated into smashing main-course entreés that will bring the entire house up for a standing ovation. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sweets and treats – there’s almost no limit to how Polenta can be used!

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