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Dessert Jars

Dessert Jars

*This does not qualify for next day delivery. Delivery will be made within 3-4 days of purchase.


Snickers Bar- A childhood classic bringing back all the nostalgia. Ingredients: Moist Dutch Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Infused Vanilla Bean Creme, Nawtella, Peanuts.


Biscoff Loving - Biscoff is an obsession, and we are all about feeding your obsession! Ingredients: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake, Biscoff Infused Vanilla Bean Creme, Crushed Lotus Biscuits, Shaved Chocolate.


Cherry Ripe - An oldie but a goodie, you can never go wrong with cherry ripe. Ingredients: Moist Dutch Chocolate Cake, Cherry Jam, Coconut, Dutch Chocolate Creme, Shaved chocolate.


Biscamisu - When tiramisu just wont do, we pull out the biscamisu! Ingredients: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake, Breakfast Blend Espresso, Vanilla Bean Creme, Crushed Biscoff Biscuits, Shaved Chocolate.


Jaffa - When health meets dessert heaven, who said Orange was only for Vitaminc C? Ingredients: Moist Dutch Chocolate Cake, Jaffa Infused Vanilla Bean Creme, Dehydrated Orange segments, Mylk chocolate crumb. 


Cookies & Cream - First you twist, then you lick, then you dunk! Ingredients: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake, Cookies infused vanilla bean creme, Cookies crumb. 


Whyte Chocolate Macadamia Raspberry - Deliciousness in a jar! its a.ways a crowd pleaser! Ingredients: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake, Fresh Raspberry infused Vanilla bean creme, White chocolate shards, Macadamia crumb. 


Chai Addicted - From tea came a flavour so good, that people tried to keep it secret... But the secret is out and now we are all Chai addicted and this jar cures an unbeatable addiction... for the duration of the jar anyway Ingredients: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake, Prana Infused Dutch Chocolate Creme, Cashew Caramel Spread, Coconut Mylk Chocolate.


Note: Please place your choice of Flavours under "Add a Note" in the Cart Page.

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